Khalil Mamoon Pharonie

$169.95 CAD
$169.95 CAD $199.95 CAD

The Khalil Mamoon Pharonie hookah pipe is beautiful in its own unique way. It is manufactured out of three types of metal (Brass, Copper & Stainless Steel). This is a Trimetal Egyptian hookah which includes engraved etchings all done by hand. Khalil Mamoon hookahs are considered to be one of the best hookah pipes to come out of the middle east based on the quality of metals used to manufacture the hookah shaft & the attention to detail in design.

Khalil Mamoon Pharonie

  • Pipe Size: 32 Inch Hookah
  • Materials: Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel
  • Origin: Egypt

Included With This Complete Shisha Set

This model comes as a complete Egyptian hookah set that includes the following accessories:

  • Shisha Stem 
  • Shisha Base
  • KM Hose
  • Genuine Tray
  • KM Coal Tongs
  • Red clay bowl

Khalil Mamoon Canada

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