Hoob Stik Stainless Steel Hookah Hose Mouthpiece
Hoob Stik 30 Shisha Hose Mouthpiece

Hoob Stik Hose Handle

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The Hoob Stik is a great addition to your Hoob Hookah Set. The Hoob Stick 30 is a shisha hose mouthpiece designed out of stainless steel. This hookah accessory is simple in design and is light weight so that your arms don't go numb while smoking your hookah! Designed out of pure Russian stainless steel and available at Oxide Hookah.

Hoob Stik 30 Stainless Steel Hookah Hose Handle

The following are the features and dimensions of the Hoob Stick 30 cm hookah hose handle.

  • 30 cm in length
  • Compatible with all silicone hookah hoses with an inner diameter of 10-11 mm
  • Machined out of solid stainless steel
  • Light-weight & easy to install
  • Made In Russia
  • No additives or coatings