Shop Hookahs By Style

When it comes to hookah designs and styles, we generally assort them into two categories, Modern Hookahs & Traditional Hookahs. Browse and shop for your favourite hookah style at the best hookah vendor.

Traditional Hookah Style

This style of hookah is the most common. Traditional style shisha pipes are what you consider as the normal functioning hookah designed out of brass and stainless steel. The parts on traditional pipes are basic, simple and require standard knowledge to function. Shapes & designs of the traditional hookah my vary but the stem of the pipe will always be a one piece rather than the newer generation of hookahs.

Modern Hookah Style

Modern hookahs or new-age hookahs come in different shapes, sizes and designs. New modern hookahs are all about durability, aesthetics and functionality. Most modern hookahs can be dis-assembled for portability and sanitary purposes. Common materials used to produce modern hookahs are stainless steel, aluminum & of course glass for all glass hookahs. However, todays industry is rapidly changing and new products are being designed out of various raw matter that are unthinkable.


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