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Looking to upgrade your hookah accessories? No problem, we are here to help you enhance your smoke experience. With our huge variety of hookah parts you can be up & puffing better & thicker smoke in no time! We offer hookah supplies & parts for sale by leading shisha brands. Each & every single item on our website is regarded to be a hookah smoke enhancer so that you get the best shisha experience every time. Whether you are looking for a hose or a bowl, we carry the top brands! Choose products from big brand names like HookahJohn, Alpaca Bowl Company, Dream, AppleOnTop & more. Upgrade your stem to a whole new level with the best shisha accessories in Canada


What are Hookah Accessories & Hookah Supplies?

Water-pipes require various pieces to produce smoke. Without these supplies, a narguile will not function properly. Parts like a bowl, hose, or tray are so important for your pipe that you may have to replace them from time to time to keep up to maintenance standards. Upgrading will help ensure that your water pipe stays maintained & smoking for a long time. We highly recommend that you keep switching out your shisha parts to ensure that you are smoking a sanitary session. Avoid getting sick when smoking & keep your hookah pieces well maintained.


Where To Buy Hookah Accessories & Hookah Parts

Shop for the best hookah replacement parts and supplies here. We offer the latest products to ensure that your pipe gets the most updated and recent version so that it stays well maintained. Shopping for your smoking needs has gotten easier as we are proven to be your #1 online hookah store! We ship to every single country in the world regardless of which continent you are on. Dealing with a Canada based website with a highly regarded reputation just made your lifestyle a lot better.

Hookah Accessories (52)

Alien Mini Phunnel Bowl

$24.99 CAD$33.99 CAD

Alpaca Apache Bowl

$42.99 CAD

Alpaca Apache Medium Bowl

$42.99 CAD

Alpaca LeRook

$54.99 CAD

Alpaca LiPache

$54.99 CAD

Alpaca Predator Bowl

$37.99 CAD$49.99 CAD

Alpaca Rook Bowl

$42.99 CAD

Alpaca Suri Bowl

$37.99 CAD$49.99 CAD

Aluminum Dream Hookah Hose (D Hose)

$39.99 CAD$44.99 CAD