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Hookah Online, Hookah Tools & Shisha Coals (21)

Shika Dual Legend

$189.99 CAD$210.00 CAD

Shika Electro Tongs

$19.99 CAD$29.99 CAD

Shika Genie V4.5

$259.95 CAD$279.95 CAD

Shika Jumbo Base

$49.99 CAD$59.99 CAD

Shika Vaza

$174.99 CAD

Shika Mini Hilal V4.5

$259.95 CAD$279.95 CAD

Shika Brass Hose Mouthpiece

$49.99 CAD

Shika Hookah Stainless Steel Shisha Pipe

$149.99 CAD

Shika Sorya Mini Beast V4.5

$199.99 CAD