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The Easiest Way To Clean a Kaloud Lotus

by Oxide Hookah 21 Jun 2019 0 Comments
How To Clean Kaloud Lotus

How To Clean Kaloud Lotus

In today’s topic we will be discussing how to clean a Kaloud Lotus Heat Management device (HMD) so that it gets back to being the shiny accessory it once was. If you didn’t know, the Kaloud Lotus HMD is a device that holds charcoal on to your bowl eliminating the use of tin foil. The Kaloud Lotus is the most popular Heat Management System and is developed by Kaloud Inc, a hookah and hookah accessory manufacturer based out of the USA. So let’s get started with our Kaloud lotus cleaning tutorial. 

Things You’ll Need To Make Your Kaloud Lotus Clean

  • Kaloud Lotus
  • BBQ Brush or Stainless Steel Sponge
  • Washcloth
  • Water

Step 1 - Prepare To Clean Base Of Kaloud Lotus

The key to remove the remaining hookah tobacco on the base of your Kaloud Lotus from previous sessions is to make the residue nice and moist before removal. Yes that’s right, all that gunk needs to be softened and moist before you can remove it completely. A little hack that we’ve come up with is to simply grab a washcloth, add some water to the cloth and fold it so that it preserves moisture. Place this onto a counter and follow the next step.

Step 2 - Sit & Wait For Your Kaloud Lotus

Now that we have set the scene for cleaning your Kaloud Lotus, this is the easiest but longest step. Place your Kaloud bowl manager onto your folded washcloth. The side with all of the excess shisha tobacco molasses is what needs to placed onto the cloth. Leave your Kaloud Lotus onto the washcloth for a couple of hours so that the residue on your Lotus HMD starts to soak up the moisture. This will help making the removal process so much easier. Allow the Kaloud lotus to sit for roughly two hours. If you are not smoking throughout the day, leave it on there for as long as possible.

Step 3 - Scrub To Clean Kaloud Lotus

This step is where you need to put some elbow grease in! The Kaloud lotus should now be ready to clean. To ensure that it’s good to go, try scraping a bit off with your finger. If it’s still too hard, leave it on a bit long. If the residue scrapes off with ease, grab that bbq brush or SOS pad and start scrubbing the bottom of your dirty lotus. You’ll notice that the residue from your previous sessions will come off easy! No need to use any soap or vinegar, nada! Once you’ve scrubbed off all of the excess tobacco from the bottom of your Kaloud lotus, rinse under cold water.

Step 4 - Rinse To Complete Cleaning Kaloud Lotus

Now that you’ve gotten your Kaloud lotus clean and shiny, grab some paper towel and dry it up. Make sure that you get in all of the creases. You’ll want to make sure that the bottom screws are dried up so that they don’t rust up over time. Once you’ve done that, you’ve officially cleaned up your lotus back to its original state!

Clean A Kaloud Lotus

There are various ways to clean the Kaloud lotus but we see this as the safest and easiest method of doing so. Some choose to boil their Kaloud HMD, others try to scrub it off with soap and water while the residue is still hard. The key to getting all of that excess shisha tobacco off is to get it moist so that scrubbing it off comes with ease. This Kaloud lotus cleaning tutorial works with all Kaloud models including the Kaloud Lotus V1, Kaloud Lotus I+ & the Kaloud Lotus 2. We hope this tutorial helped. If you enjoyed this read, please feel free to share this post on social media with your friends and fellow hookah smokers!

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