D-Hose Aluminum Handle and Silicone Tube

D-Hose With Aluminum Handle

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Introducing the Aluminum Handle D Hose by Dream Hookah. The Dream Hose is the best selling shisha hose in North America. You may be familiar with these products as they were the first to design the washable silicone hose with a glass handle / mouth tip. The company is now back with a new and innovative product known as the Aluminum D Hose. This new product includes an aluminum handle and a medical grade silicone tubing. Available in a variety of colours and is made available at Oxide Hookah.

Dream Hookah Hose Specifications

The is a great hookah part to add to your hookah accessories collection. Most hookah hoses on the market these days lack in modern design whereas the the Aluminum handle Dhose checks off the list for both design & functionality. Below are the specifications for the latest aluminum hose.

Aluminum Dream Hose

  • Total length with handle is 76 inches long
  • Medical grade surgical silicone tubing
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Silicone tubing can withstand heat of up to 600F (Burn Proof)
  • Fits traditional & modern hookahs
  • Designed in the USA

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Mariam M.
Quick shipping was much appreciated

I trust this website to buy my hookah supplies from, will definitely shop from again when. I live in Ottawa and it shipped to me pretty quickly.