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    Werkbund Diamond Forged Hookah Tongs 13"

    Looking for a new quality hookah accessory to add to your collection? Why not get yourself a pair of quality Russian Steel Tongs? Hand crafted and forged in Russia, Werkbund hookah tongs are a piece of art! The Werkbund Diamond Forged 13" Tong set is beautifully hand etched and welded to perfection. With the 13 inch large set, prevent from feeling the heat from your coals while handling! Maneuver your coals with ease with the easy grip handle which the tongs include. Whether your looking to treat yourself with a new collectors item for your hookah or looking to purchase a gift for your friends or loved one, the Werkbund Diamond Forged Hookah Tongs make the perfect accessory for the perfect hookah.


    Werkbund Tongs Production

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