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Werkbund Corkscrew Hookah Tongs (13 Inch)

Hookah Tongs
$65.00 CAD
$65.00 CAD
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Werkbund Corkscrew Hookah Tongs 13 Inch

Werkbund Hookah tongs are beautifully designed accessories to make your hookah sessions even more beautiful. The Werkbund Large Corkscrew hookah tongs are 13" long and are designed to help manage your hookah sessions properly. Ever carry you charcoals with tiny tongs and feel the burn? With the new Werkbund 13" Corkscrew tongs you'll never have to worry about your hands feeling the heat ever again. Werkbund Tongs are hand crafted and forged in Russia out of Solid Russian steel. These hookah accessories make the ultimate hookah gift for any hookah enthusiast and help your sessions more easier to handle! Pick these up today for yourself or a loved one!


Werkbund Hookah Tongs Production Video

Werkbund Corkscrew Hookah Tongs (13 Inch)
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