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Werkbund Corkscrew Hookah Tongs (10 Inch)

Hookah Tongs
$55.00 CAD
$55.00 CAD
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Werkbund Corkscrew Hookah Tongs 10" 

The perfect set of hookah tongs have arrived at Oxide Hookah! Introducing the Werkbund Corkscrew Hookah tong set! Werkbund Hookah Tongs are crafted and forged by hand in Russia. The Corkscrew hookah tongs are designed to handle heat when carrying charcoal during your sessions. Materials used for the Corkscrew Werkbund Tongs are solid Russian steel. This specific model is named from the shape and design of course which obviously looks like a cork screw. Werkbund Hookah tongs make the perfect gift for any hookah enthusiast who loves quality products for their hookah sessions. Prevent your hands from feeling the heat by using the Werkbund Corkscrew Hookah Tongs during your hookah / shisha sessions. 

Werkbund Hookah Tongs in The Making!

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Werkbund Corkscrew Hookah Tongs (10 Inch)
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