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Oduman Micro Hookah

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Oduman Micro Hookah

The smallest hookah on earth is now available at Oxide Hookah! The Oduman shisha Micro is a mini hookah pipe developed and designed by Oduman Glass hookahs and accessories. The Oduman Micro Hookah pipe is a Turkish Hookah that was designed for those who hate carrying a huge nargile pipe when travelling! Going on a vacation? Need a pipe for the park? Want to maximize the volume of your travel luggage? The Oduman Micro Glass Hookah pipe solves all of those problems. No need to worry about space anymore with this mini hookah by Oduman. The Micro is small in size but performs like a champion! Micro is built out of dual wall high quality glass to stay as durable as possible for your travels. The stem of this tiny hookah is designed out of corrosion prevention stainless steel which also includes a built in hookah diffuser. Make no mistake about the size of this hookah, the Oduman micro glass hookah is built to last and perform to its fullest extent with a competitive edge. Hurry and buy Oduman Micro to smoke true clouds at a micro price

Hookah Accessories Included With Oduman Micro Shisha

The Oduman Micro Mini Hookah Pipe for sale includes the following accessories as a complete hookah setup:
  1. Oduman Hookah Glass Base
  2. Stainless steel hookah stem with built in diffuser
  3. Medical grade washable silicone hookah hose with stainless steel mouthpiece
  4. Travel hookah case
  5. Parts assemble carrier

Dimensions of the Oduman Micro Mini Glass Hookah

This Turkish hookah really is a beast when it comes down to performance, especially when it is categorized as being under the standard mini 3 foot hookah in size. Dimensions of Oduman Micro shisha pipe are as mentioned below:
  • Height: Oduman Micro stands at 6 Inches Tall
  • Diameter:  Oduman Micro Shisha Pipe is 3.5 Inches Wide
  • Weight: Oduman Micro Mini Hookah weighs 1 KG

Oduman Micro Nargile Preview

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Oduman Micro Hookah
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