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    MZ Trimetal Hookah

    Another great Egyptian Hookah by Magdy Zidan! The MZ Trimetal hookah is a beauty and smokes like a champ. MZ Tri-metal features three different finishes and is a solid authentic hookah pipe. This hookah stands at roughly 32" inches tall and provides you with smooth session. Designed in Egypt, MZ hookahs are now considered to be a collectors item. Pick up a Magdy Zidan Tri-Metal hookah at an affordable price.

    MZ Hookah Accessories Included

    Included with your new MZ hookah pipe are the following items

    • Genuine Magdy Zidan (MZ) Tri-Metal Hookah Stem
    • Egyptian hookah Base (Designs may vary as each MZ includes a third party base)
    • Genuine MZ Stamped Hookah Tray

    Hookahs & Hookah Accessories At A Sale Price!

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