KM Ceramica Hookah

$179.95 CAD
$179.95 CAD $199.95 CAD

What an absolute beauty! The KM Ceramica hookah is another on of the many pipes from the Mamoon shisha brand. This piece of art stands roughly at 33 inches tall and has the figure of a snake. The small details that are engraved and etched within the stem are all done by hand. The solid brass used to manufacture this make it a heavy hookah and is definitely something that will last you for a long time due to its quality build. The shaft has the arabian name of the Khalil Mamoon Egypt company embedded into its downstem. The tray and tray holder also has the stamped emblem of the company. Add this hookah setup to your collection

Khalil Mamoon Ceramica Specifications

Branded Name Mamoon Khalil Shisha
Outer Finish Colour Platinum Gold
Pipe Dimensions 32 Inches Tall in Height
Manufacturing Region Middle East , Egypt

Smoking Pipe Parts Included

  • Gold pipe stem
  • Clay hookah tobacco holder
  • Hose Pipe For Smoking
  • Ash & charcoal holder tray
  • Mouth-blown glass vase
  • Purge valve ball
  • Silicone washers and gaskets