Black Kaloud Lotus I+ Hookah Heat Management Device
Kaloud Lotus Black HMD
Black Kaloud Lotus Plus Hookah Heat Management System

Black Kaloud Lotus Plus Hookah HMD

$99.95 CAD $129.95 CAD

Kaloud Lotus Plus Hookah Heat Management System (Black)

Introducing the Kaloud Lotus Plus in Black! The Kaloud Lotus I+ is an accessory for hookah heat management designed & engineered to precisely regulate the heat  transfer from natural hookah charcoal to shisha flavour. The Black Kaloud Lotus Plus also works to reduce harmful particles, carbon monoxide & ashes that pass from coconut charcoal into shisha. Add this HMD to your hookah set to enjoy longer and better smoke sessions. Available at your favourite hookah shop in Canada.

Black Kaloud Lotus

Compatible with the silicone hookah bowl collection by Kaloud (Best Bowl For Kaloud Lotus). Includes a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. Warranty must be registered directly on the Kaloud Website.

Black Lotus I+ By Kaloud Features

  • Fits Kaloud Samsaris Vitria II Silicone Hookah Bowl & Kaloud Samsaris Hybrid Aluminum / Silicone shisha bowls.
  • Compatible with clay hookah bowls with a diameter of 3 inches
  • Works with lipped hookah bowls compatible for hookah heat managers including the black lotus hmd
  • Manage up to 3 cube size hookah coals or square shisha coals

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