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80 Feet 80 Hookah Bowl

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Hookah Bowl
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80 Feet 80 Hookah Bowl By HJ


80 Feet 80 Bowl Description

The latest hookah bowl brought to you by the creator of the Harmony Bowl, 80 ft Bowl and the Alien Mini Phunnel Bowl. The 80 feet 80 Phunnel is shaped and designed to use even less tobacco but to perform for at least 45 minutes to 1 hour. This clay hookah bowl uses roughly anywhere from 13 grams to 15 grams of shisha based on your packing method. Highly recommended by hookah enthusiasts, this bowl will not disappoint you. Get smoking with HJ 80 Feet 80 Bowl.

80 Feet 80 Bowl - Close View Image of 80 ft 80 Hookah Bowl

Features & Dimensions of 80 Feet 80

The 80 Feet 80 Hookah Bowl comes in a variety of different colour variations. Its predecessor, the 80 ft bowl was just a bit large in diameter. 80 ft 80 is an even smaller phunnel bowl. We like to call it the "mini 80 bowl" or the "80 ft junior". Its diameter is now smaller to carry less shisha, which will save you money instantly. The materials used for this bowl are 100% high quality American clay and manufactured handmade by artisans in sunny California, USA. 


80 Feet 80 Bowl Measurements

HookahJohn 80 ft 80 Hookah Phunnel Bowl Dimensions to provide information on how much volume and this hookah bowl uses. The 80ft80 hookah bowl is meant and designed to hold less shisha than the original 80 Feet bowl. The small adjustments have made a huge impact on the amount of shisha used for hookah sessions.

80 Feet 80 Measurements


3.5 Inches Tall


2.5 Inches Wide


13 Grams - 15 Grams 


HookahJohn Video: 80 Feet 80 Bowl Introduction & 80 Feet Bowl Comparison



Pick up your HJ 80 feet 80 hookah bowl today in a variety of colours.
Also see limited original model : 80 ft Phunnel Bowl  
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80 Feet 80 Hookah Bowl
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