Arabic Hookah 1001 Nights

$174.95 CAD
$174.95 CAD $189.99 CAD

You've watched the movie, read the books and probably even learned some moral lessons from the olden story. Now you have a hookah named after centuries old tale! Enter the Khalil Mamoon 1001 Nights Arabic Hookah. Designed in Egypt and available on our website. This particular smoking pipe is handcrafted out of stainless steel and has small details of arabian literature representing the brands name of this beautiful and shiny hookah. The small engravings are engraved in brass and welded into the structure of the water pipe. Enjoy your flavors with this model. 


Brand Khalil Mamoon
Height 27 inches tall
Origin Egyptian
Materials Stainless Steel

In The Box

With each authentic KM comes its necessary accessories to function properly. Below is a list of accessories included with your brand new genuine KM Hookah.

  • Stainless Stem
  • Arabian Stamped Ashtray
  • Genuine Mouth Blown Glass Base
  • KM Rainbow Threaded Hose
  • Charcoal Tongs Carrier
  • Standard Clay Bowl

Additional Information

These hookahs are hand made in the heart of Egypt. KM is a popular hookah brand known for quality craftsmanship. These stems are also identified for their amazing and beautiful designs. Traditional pipes are built to last you for a lifetime with proper care based on their build and material.

Each model is handmade & unique. Weldings, base & hose on each model may vary in design.