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Khalil Mamoon is house-hold name for hookah smokers. When it comes to the standards and quality of Egyptian Hookahs, KM's are the leading brand for reliability and quality smoke sessions. Khalil Mamoon pipes are produced individually using high quality brass and aluminum to ensure long term-use. As a company, Khalil Mamoon was established over a century ago in Cairo, Egypt where shisha smoking is as common as drinking in western countries. The company was originally established to produce home furniture but eventually shifted its entire focus to producing the hookahs we know today. For those looking for a beginner hookah, KM's are the perfect shisha pipe to get into the hobby of social smoking. Each KM is engraved, designed and assembled by Egyptian artisans who dedicate their full time into producing these alluring hookahs. Not one KM will be identical to the next as each hookah is etched and assembled by hand which gives Khalil Mamoon water-pipes their authenticity. 

Oxide Hookah is the original "Khalil Mamoon Canada Vendor" since 2014 and has provided Canadians with the latest models on a early basis. We ensure each KM hookah is to the best of standards and meets all quality requirements to be sold into the Canadian market. To view our Khalil Mamoon products please click on the KM hookah below!


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Khalil Mamoon hookahs are all hand made and may embrace weld marks or minor imperfections which gives them their authenticity of an Egyptian hookah product. Hoses and bases may vary as each KM is unique in its own design. Please contact us if you require a certain colour hose or base.

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