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    Hookah Definition - Hookah Pipe
    Definition - An instrument used for smoking tobacco or herbal substances. Most commonly found in Middle Eastern & Asian Countries. Hookah's contain several different parts to function properly.
    Parts - Hookah Bowl, Hookah Stem, Hookah Glass Base, Hookah Hose, Hookah Gasket/Grommet, Hookah Tongs, Hookah Tray, Hookah Charcoal, Hookah Molasses, Hookah Tobacco/Shisha
    How it Works- As Defined, a Hookah is used to smoke Hookah Shisha/Tobacco. Shisha tobacco is inserted or "packed" into the bowl and covered with poked hole tinfoil. The Hookah is assembled as shown in the above diagram with water filled to the base. Charcoal is added to the bowl to allow heat to warm the substance & produce smoke. The smoke is then drawn from the bowl into the hookah stem. Smoke is then filtered through water & inhaled through the hose.
    Hookah Origin - Hookah is believed to be traced back to India where it was used for medicinal use and was initially a one piece pipe. It was then discovered in Middle Eastern regions through movement & trades of different tribes. Tobacco was introduced to the region in the 1600's therefore being the substance used to smoke hookah. Owning a Hookah during these times was considered as a luxury of those with wealth.
    Manufacturing Process - Traditional Hookah's are mostly manufactured in the Middle East.  They are welded etched & assembled by hand through craftsman & artisans till this date. Modern Hookah's are are now being assembled by machine in regions such as China.  Most common materials used are Brass, Copper, Aluminum & Stainless Steel.

    Terms for Hookah by Region 

    Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Iraq: Argilee or Narghile
    Egypt, North Africa, Arabian Peninsula: Sheesha or Shisha
    South East Asia: Huqqo
    Spain, South & Central America: Cachimba


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