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Types Of Hookah Bowls

Shisha heads are designed out of a variety of materials for the end users preference. At Oxide Hookah, we ensure that we choose the best hookah bowl types to add to our catalog so that you get the best tasting flavour, thick clouds of shisha smoke & pleasant/relaxing experiences. Whether you are searching for the best hookah bowl out of clay, aluminum or silicone, we guarantee you will love our variety of genuine shisha bowls. 

Clay Hookah Bowls

Clay Hookah Bowls

Hand-crafted bowls for shisha designed out of the finest clay and glazes.

Aluminum Hookah Bowls

Aluminum Hookah Bowls

Precision machine cut hookah bowls out of aerodynamic metals.
Silicone Hookah Bowls

Silicone Hookah Bowls

Bowls designed out of silicone for your specific heat management needs. 

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Hookah Bowls By The Best Brands

It is important that you get the highest quality of shisha bowls when shopping at Oxide Hookah, after all our main focus is to enhance your shisha smoke experience to new levels. With that being said, we equip our catalog selection of shisha head accessories with the best hookah bowl brands. Browse our collection of top bowls by reputable shisha brands.

Oxide Hookah Shishaware

Oxide Hookah Bowls

High quality hookah bowls designed by Oxide Hookah Shishaware. Yup thats us! Shop modern designed metal hookah bowls and more!

Hookah John Bowls

Hookah John Bowls

Bowls by the man himself! HookahJohn shisha bowls have been around for years now and continue to be a favourite amongst shisha enthusiasts.

Alpaca Hookah Bowls

Alpaca Hookah Bowls

Alpaca shisha bowls by Alpaca Bowl Company! ABC company is based out of Los Angeles, CA, USA and designs one of the highest quality handmade clay bowls.

Apple On Top Hookah Bowls [AOT]

AppleOnTop Hookah Bowls

The bowl that started it all by AppleOnTop. The AOT bowl, commonly known as the Apple shisha head is available here in its genuine and authentic form.

Top Hookah Bowls

Shop the best hookah bowls of 2019 here!

Best Selling Shisha Heads

Check out our top selling hookah bowls for your shisha smoke sessions! These are picked based on sales and popularity. To learn more, check out our blog post on the Best Hookah Bowls Of 2019.

Shisha Heads By Design

Egyptian Hookah Bowl Design

Egyptian Hookah Bowl

Designed after the original/traditional hookah-shisha bowl, Egyptian hookah bowls generally are manufactured to include centre vents for airflow. Produced for dryer types of shisha flavour

Phunnel Shisha Bowl

Phunnel Hookah Bowl

Phunnel hookah bowls are manufactured with one larger centre air vent for airflow. The phunnel bowl also preserves flavour and juices from shisha. Designed for juicier types of shisha tobacco.

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