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    Cocourth Wholesale Canada

    Canada's leading Coconut Charcoal for Wholesale 

    Premium Coconut Hookah Charcoal Wholesale Canada

    Need to load up your smoke shop or grocery store with premium hookah coals? No worries! Oxide Hookah is Canada's exclusive CocoUrth hookah wholesaler! Contact us to get more details on stocking up your shop with Cocourth!

    Cocourth Hookah Coals - Different Size Charcoal For Your Needs

    Cocourth natural organic hookah coals come in different sizes for your needs and for your consumers heat management needs needs. Each hookah coal is finely and perfectly cut for different heat variances.  Below are the different sized charcoal Oxide Hookah carries.

    Cocourth Large Cube Coconut Charcoal - Natural Coals - Oxide Hookah

    Cocourth Large Cubes

    The largest coal by CocoUrth.  Each box contains 64 pieces and measures at 26X26X26 mm. Last up to 1.5-2 hours

    Cocourth Cube Coals - Natural Hookah Charcoal - Oxide Hookah

    Cocourth Cubes

    Cubes are the regular sized cube coals measured at 25X25X25 mm and contains 72 pieces per box. Each hookah colas last up to 1.5 hours.

    Cocourth Mini Cube Coals 100 Pieces - Cocourth Natural Charcoal - Oxide Hookah

    Cocourth Mini Cubes

    The smallest of the Cocourth Cube Family. Mini cubes come in a box of 100 pieces & measure at 22X22X22 mm. Each coal last up to 1 hour.

    Cocourth Flats 96 Piece Coconut Coals - Organic Hookah Charcoal - Oxide Hookah

    Cocourth Flats

    Mid-sized cut Cocourth coals. Comes in a box of 96 pieces and measures at 25X25X18 mm. Perfect for sessions with foil.

    Cocourth Quarter Circle Coals 96 Pieces - Natural Organic Hookah Charcoal - Oxide Hookah

    Cocourth Quarter Circles

    Designed for Hookah heat management systems and comes in a box of 96 pieces or 24 divided circles of coal.

    Cocourth Lounge Box Hookah Coals 10KG - Cocourth Organic Coconut Charcoal - Oxide Hookah

    Cocourth Lounge Cases 10 KG

    Cocourth hookah lounge cases for shisha bars.  Comes in a case of 10 packs in either flats or cubes.

    Need Hookah Charcoal?

    No problem. Our Cocourth hookah charcoal is the best in its class! Cocourth Charcoal is made of organic and natural materials. Using compressed coconut shell and organic paste, Cocourth are the leading brand for a reason! these hookah coals last for hours and ensure a clean and smooth hookah session.

    Fast Shipping

    Oxide Hookah offers quick shipping to ensure your company gets your product as soon as possible. Get quick freight shipping across Canada.

    Customer Service

    Get the best customer service with Oxide Hookah. Have questions? Need assistance. Our wholesale department is here to help

    Price Guarantee

    Being the best hookah wholesaler and retailer in Canada, Oxide Hookah prides itself one providing the best products at the best prices


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