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American Made Hookahs - Designed & Produced In The USA

American hookahs are designed 100% in the USA. USA hookah production has recently been on the rise. We all know anything made in the USA is usually  regulated and produced out of high quality materials hence why these hookahs are such a desire. American Hookahs are designed to be used with any flavour of your choice and are washable hookah pipes so that flavours never ghost in your stem. American made hookahs also consist of different types of materials such as exotic woods, Carbon Fibre and CNC cut aero-grade aluminum just to name a few. Oxide Hookah always looks at quality and performance before adding a product to our sales selection and to add to that we test everything! The American hookah brands Oxide Hookah carries are currently the most popular & highest performing pipes in the states which consists of a few brands such as AOT's Carbon1 and Regal Hookahs. With more American made hookahs in production and around the horizon, our selection is to grow over-time. Buy your favourite USA made hookah at Oxide Hookah.

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