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Traditional hookahs are the most popular style pipes on the market. Generally speaking, a traditional hookah is commonly known to have the original design of a hookah which goes back over a century. Traditional pipes contain the standard parts we are all familiar with such as a pipe stem, glass base, hookah hose & tray. Most traditional style hookahs are manufactured in Egypt and are commonly processed and built with brass and stainless steel. Today however, the newer traditional styled hookahs are made with various materials and come from different origins from around the globe. Oxide Hookah carries a variety of traditional water pipes and classic shisha pipes from a wide range of highly reputable vendors. These hookahs are authentic and come from Egypt, Turkey & many other countries from around the world.  Shop traditional hookahs for sale the best hookah brands online here!

Best Hookah Pipes For The Best Hookah Prices

Some of the most popular hookah brands that you may be familiar with are names such as Khalil Mamoon (KM), Magdy Zidan (MZ) & Shika Hookahs. These brands are all based out of Cairo, Egypt and all have one thing in common! They are all classic pipes hand-made by hookah artisans who do this for a living. Another similarity these brands share are the materials that are used to produce these incredible traditional pipes which are the following; Copper, Brass, & Stainless Steel.

Other brands such as Regal Hookahs are considered as classical and traditional pieces as they too are hand-crafted hookahs made in the USA. Regal Hookahs are a specialty and luxury brand as they use exotic woods to build their hookah pipes to its final form. Regal stems are known for their wide and smooth draw along with their flawless and beautiful designs. Shop Oxide Hookah to get the best hookah prices on traditional hookahs for sale online.

Hookahs For Sale at Oxide Hookah

Oxide Hookah inspects each individual hookah so that you receive your traditional narguile pipe in its best form. As mentioned above, all traditional hookahs for sale are hand crafted which means that some pipes may have minor imperfections. We do our best to ensure that you receive your hookah in its best and exceptional form so that you are pleased with the quality of your traditional hookah pipe. Each hookah is 100% authentic and come with genuine stamps or logos from the manufacturer. 

Classical hookahs are a household item for shisha smokers. Be sure to have at least one of these amazing hand crafted beasts in your collection to enjoy that authentic smoke session you crave and urge for.

Traditional Hookahs (8)

Shika Mini Hilal V4.5

$259.95 CAD$279.95 CAD

Shika Sorya Mini Beast V4.5

$199.99 CAD

Shika Iowaska V4.5

$299.95 CAD$350.00 CAD

Magdy Zidan Stainless Classic

$69.99 CAD$109.99 CAD

Shika Tyrion V4.5 Hookah

$274.95 CAD$299.99 CAD

Shika Legend Electroplated V4.5

$229.95 CAD

Shika Skyrim V4.5 Hookah

$279.99 CAD