Small Hookah Charcoal & Mini Size Hookah Coals

When it comes to choosing hookah charcoal, what size do you choose? It all comes down to preference on how you smoke! Do you like smooth and light sessions or are you a heavy smoke chasing thick clouds of smoke? We got you covered either way!

Our collection of small and mini sized hookah coals are perfect for those who are just beginning to get into the whole hookah smoking scene. Small hookah coals are for those looking to manage their heat more effortlessly so that they prevent from burning or scorching their bowls. Whether you are using a heat management system (HMD) or simple using foil, mini hookah coals are perfect to get a nice and smooth shisha session going. Manage your heat with small premium hookah coals for your hookah without that nasty burn taste.

Best Hookah Coals

At Oxide Hookah we ensure that you get the best hookah coals for the money you spend. Our two leading brands are Titanium & Cocourth natural coconut coals. These coals have been on the market for quite some time and have been reputable for having the longest burn times, low ash and no scent. Oxide Hookah make sure that your coals are 100% organic and safe so that you minimize the health risks associated with smoking. Long gone are the days of using nasty quick lights that scorch your shisha. By using our quality selection of small and mini size hookah coals such as the Cocourth Mini Cubes or the Titanium Cubettes, you'll get the best smoke experience guaranteed. Enjoy pleasant and flavourful shisha with these small hookah charcoal. 

Which Hookah Charcoal is The Best

Glad you asked! We want to ensure that you enjoy your hookah shisha smoke sessions, so to accomplish that goal we ensure that all hookah charcoal brands that are added to our online store are the best performing hookah charcoal. We test long lasting hookah coals to guarantee that they last for up to 45 minutes minimum for our small coal collection. Another factor we test for is to how much heat hookah coals give off to perform at the right temperature so that you get pleasant smoke sessions. We also check for how much hookah coals ash so that we have a good estimate of what types of filler are included within the ingredients used to produce natural coconut coal brands. To keep your mind at ease, we have added the top hookah coals so that your sessions taste amazing & last for longer periods of time. 

Small Hookah Coals & Mini Hookah Coals (2)

Titanium Cubettes

$14.99 CAD$19.99 CAD

CocoUrth Coconut Charcoal Mini Cubes - 100 Piece

$14.99 CAD$19.99 CAD