Hoob SubAtom Hookah Pipe (Micro Size Acrylic Travel Shisha)
Introducing the newest portable and travel size hookah pipe by Russian hookah maker, Hoob Hookahs. The new Hoob subAtom is an amazing little micro size shisha pipe that smokes like a beast. This hookah is approximately the size of of...
$229.95 CAD $189.95 CAD
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Hoob Go Hookah Stem & Tray (Stainless Steel)
Introducing the all new Hoob Go hookah stem. Designed out of Russian stainless steel and smoke absolutely amazing. The Hoob Go hookah was built to provide you with high quality shisha smoke sessions while maintaining its elegant and simplistic look....
$199.95 CAD $189.99 CAD
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Hoob Apex C
Hoob Apex Complete Hookah Set Manufactured in Russia, and built with precision. The Apex C is a new Hoob Hookah in the Classic Lineup. Produced with the highest grade of anodized aluminum the Apex C is appealing to the eye...
$499.99 CAD
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