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    Titanium Coconut Hookah Coals -  Flats 108 pieces 

    Titanium Flats are one of the leading hookah coals world-wide. Experience no strong odours when lighting these charcoals up. These are produced of 100% coconut shell and are considered to be a top performing charcoal when using for your hookah sessions due to the longevity these lumps of coal provide. Flats tend to burn from 45 minutes to 1 hour.  

    Titanium Flats Charcoal

    Each box of Titanium flats include 108 pieces of charcoal equivalent to 1 KG in total weight. Titaniums burn for up to 1 hour with proper heat management. To get the best results when using Titaniums we recommend using a hookah heat management device

    Titanium Flats Coal Size

    Titanium also manufacturers its hookah coals in 3 different sizes. If you are looking for something larger or smaller checkout the rest of the Titanium coals in our collection. Flats are considered to be the middle sized product of Titanium. 

    Titanium Hookah Charcoal Size Comparison

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