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    AOT Provost Hookah Heat Controller

    The AOT Provost is a heat management system for your AOT bowl. The Apple On Top Provost also fits on all bowls when using foil for the perfect session. Whether you are enjoying a smoke session outdoors or indoors, this heat manager acts as a wind protector/cover to preserve heat from your charcoal. Simply pack your bowl, add the fully lit hookah charcoal onto the provost screen & cover with the provost HMD cover! This bowl heat regulator features a swivel that opens & closes vents to allow you to either preserve the warmth from your coals or to cool down your shisha bowl. Provost is also used with standard shisha tobacco bowls on the market.

    Provost VS Lotus

    Debating on which hookah HMD to purchase? No worries, we have you covered with a post on the major differences between the Kaloud Lotus heat management system & the Apple on Top Provost heat controller. Both hookah accessories will do the job but which heat controller is best for your smoking needs? Find out by reading our post on the Provost VS Lotus.

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