Hoob Go Hookah Stem & Tray (Stainless Steel)
Introducing the all new Hoob Go hookah stem. Designed out of Russian stainless steel and smoke absolutely amazing. The Hoob Go hookah was built to provide you with high quality shisha smoke sessions while maintaining its elegant and simplistic look....
$199.95 CAD $189.99 CAD
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Hookah Stem Cleaning Brush
Hookah Stem Cleaning Brush Keep your sessions going strong & clean using the scrubbing brush for hookah stems. Avoid shisha leafs & juices from clinging in the interior of your stem. Scrub using water.  1 piece included- Random Available Colour...
$12.99 CAD $5.99 CAD
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Zahrah Spade Junior Hookah Stem
Zahrah Spade Jr Hookah Stem The new Zahrah Spade Jr hookah stem is the miniature / mini spade model of the original Zahrah Spade Hookah. Spade Jr is designed for those who love the finer things in life but at...
$149.95 CAD
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