Oduman Hookah - Turkish Hookah Nargile Pipes

Introducing Oduman Hookah. Oduman is Turkish hookah & shisha accessories manufacturer located & based out of Istanbul, Turkey. Reputable across all of Europe, nargile pipes by Oduman Hookah are the finest high quality all glass hookahs that are built to last. Each water pipe hookah for sale is hand crafted & mouth blown out of thick dual layered glass to sustain usage & built for longevity. We here at Oxide carry the best luxury hookah pipes & glass hookah models from Oduman. Our guarantee is that you will enjoy amazing smoke sessions out of an Oduman Turkish hookah. Enjoy long lasting & flavourful clouds of smoke with the toughest glass shisha pipes on the planet!

Oduman Hookah Canada Retailer For Nargile Pipes

We are Oduman Hookah's authorized retailer in Canada. Our catalog is consistently being updated with the latest Oduman hookah pipes & accessories. Stay in the loop & browse the new Oduman Turkish nargile collection at Oxide Hookah.

Turkish Hookah Water Pipes For Sale

The Turkey hookah scene continues to advance! Turkey is considered to be one of the places of origin for modern hookah smoking. Turkish water pipe manufacturing is what has made hookah what it is today. Oduman is the leading Turkish pipe brand around the globe and takes manufacturing very seriously focusing on design, functionality & portability. Shishas for sale by the company include all required accessories for smoking shisha. 

Oduman Hookah (7)

Oduman Micro Hookah

$89.95 CAD$149.99 CAD

Oduman Voyage Glass Hookah (N8)

$174.99 CAD$199.99 CAD

Oduman N5-Z Junior (Clear)

$174.99 CAD$219.99 CAD

Oduman N2 Travel Hookah

$174.99 CAD$199.99 CAD

Oduman Smoke Tank Glass Hookah (N7)

$174.99 CAD$199.99 CAD

Oduman Gusto 35 Shisha Pipe

$199.99 CAD$249.99 CAD

Oduman N2 Glass Hookah Gold Edition

$259.99 CAD$299.99 CAD