Modern Hookah Hose For Sale

Want something to make your hookah look more unique and stylish? Why not get a new modern hookah hose! Our modern hookah hoses are built out of high quality materials to ensure you get an enjoyable smoke experience. All of our modern hookah hoses are built by top hookah brands and have a great reputation behind quality, functionality and durability. Not only are these hookah hose modern in design but they also fit traditional hookahs as well! Pick up your new hookah hose here.

Different Types Of Hookah Hoses

When choosing your modern hookah hose, there are so many different types of hookah hoses to choose from! So, which shisha hose is the best one for you? It all comes down to what you are looking for. Based on your current hookah setup, assuming that it is a modern hookah, silicone hookah hoses are the best.Even if you own a traditional hookah pipe, you can still go with a modern hookah hose to ensure that your smoke sessions are always on par. Our modern hookah hose collection is made up of the best shisha brands, so you do not ever have to worry about quality when purchasing from us. Some of the various & different types of shisha pipes include wooden handle hookah hoses with a soft touch silicone hose, a carbon fibre hookah hose or an aluminum handle hose. It all comes down to your personal preference.

How To Clean A Hookah Hose

Cleaning a hookah hose is fairly simple. With todays modern hookah hose variety, the chances of your hose being silicone other than the handle is fairly high. Silicone is fairly easy to clean as you simply maintain it by running water through it. If your silicone hookah hose is ghosted with a strong flavour, there are many ways you could get rid of it. Check out our post on how to get rid of hookah ghosting.

Modern Hookah Hoses (8)

Aluminum Dream Hookah Hose (D Hose)

$39.99 CAD$44.99 CAD

Aluminum D-Hose Matte Edition

$39.99 CAD$49.99 CAD

D-Hose Aluminum Edition Hybrid 2.0

$49.99 CAD$64.99 CAD

AOT Carbon 1 Hose

$59.95 CAD$84.99 CAD

D-Hose Glass Replacement Tip

$14.99 CAD$19.99 CAD

Knurl Hookah Hose

$99.99 CAD

Tymber Hookah Hose - Natural Maple Wood

$89.99 CAD$104.99 CAD

Dream D-Hose Glass Edition

$30.99 CAD$34.99 CAD