Replacement Medium Size Hookah Bowls

Our medium hookah bowls are the perfect hookah accessory to balance your shisha usage. Each medium size hookah bowl is perfect for 1 hour long sessions. 
Choose a replacement hookah bowl to add to your pipe and enjoy smoother sessions.

Medium Hookah Bowls (7)

Hookah John Ferris Bowl - Phunnel Bowl

$49.99 CAD$64.99 CAD

Goodfella V4.5 Bowl

$42.99 CAD

Alpaca Suri Bowl

$37.99 CAD$49.99 CAD

Alpaca Predator Bowl

$37.99 CAD$49.99 CAD

Alpaca Apache Medium Bowl

$42.99 CAD

Egyptian Clay Hookah Bowl

$5.99 CAD$7.99 CAD

Unika Clay Bowl

$25.99 CAD