Kaloud Samsaris Aluminum Hookah Bowl For Lotus 1 & Lotus I+ HMD

$89.95 CAD
$89.95 CAD $99.95 CAD

Samsaris Aluminum Hookah Bowl By Kaloud

The latest aluminum hookah bowl by Kaloud. The Samsaris Aluminum bowl is a hybrid shisha head using both worlds of silicone and aluminum to create a magnificent hookah smoking experience. The Kaloud Samsaris was designed for those who want a durable shisha bowl that is compatible with their hookah heat manager. 

Kaloud Samsaris Bowl Features

  • Compatible with Kaloud Lotus V1 & Kaloud Lotus Plus
  • HMD Lip to maintain distance between silicone & Kaloud Lotus HMD
  • Central air channel to provide easy smoking and to prevent juices from shisha flavours from leaking into your hookah stem
  • Designed out of High quality Aluminum & FDA approved non-toxic silicone
  • Provides a clean and smooth flavourful hookah smoke session
  • Does not require a hookah grommet or silicone gasket
  • Easy cleaning
  • Faster heat up time

Samsaris Vitria High Heat Bowl Dimensions

The following are the dimension of the all new high heat Samsaris Vitria Aluminum Hookah Bowl by Kaloud.

  • 3.75 Inches in Height
  • 3.75 Inches Bowl Diameter
  • 20-25 Gram Volume