Compatible Hookah Bowls For The Kaloud Lotus

Kaloud Lotus Bowl Compatible

The Kaloud Lotus is the original and most commonly used hookah heat management system world-wide. Being so popular in the hookah industry, the Kaloud Lotus has its own following of compatible hookah bowls and accessories. In this collection, we've compiled all of our available and compatible hookah bowls with Lotus & Lotus plus and put them in one place for you to shop with ease. Each bowl is measured at 3 inches in diameter and sit in or on top of the lotus for perfect heat distribution. Kaloud also has its own hookah bowl, the Samsaris Vitria II, which fits snug and is a hybrid of silicone and glass for the perfect integration. These bowls also fit other variations of hookah HMD's such as the Ignis and Phoenix which also measure at a 3 inch diameter. Check out the selection of Kaloud Lotus bowls for the best compatibility with your HMD.

Best Hookah Bowls That Work With The Kaloud Lotus (2)

Alpaca Apache Bowl

$42.99 CAD

Alpaca LiPache

$54.99 CAD