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    Harmony Phunnel Hookah Bowl by HookahJohn

    (End of Life)

    Need a hookah bowl that'll help you smoke the entire night away? Look no more! The Harmony Phunnel bowl is your go to shisha bowl if you are looking to smoke for a couple of hours. This Hookah John bowl holds roughly 20-25 grams of shisha tobacco based on your pack method. With the right method of heat management, the Harmony bowl could easily keep you happy & smoking for a solid 2.5 hours! The HookahJohn Harmony bowl is the bigger version of the 80 Feet Bowl & is made to be compatible with various heat management systems. Choose the Harmony phunnel for your smoke session! Comes in a variety of colours and is readily available at Oxide Hookah. Also, check out the Red Clay Harmony Bowl by HJ. Looking for something other than this hookah bowl? Browse our entire hookah bowl collection.

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