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    Alpaca LiPache Bowl

    Introducing the Alpaca LiPache Hookah Bowl, available here at OxideHookah! The Alpaca shallow LiPache Bowl is similar to the HookahJohn Ferris bowl, as it was also designed to fit shisha heat management systems securely and comes in a variety of beautiful glazes. Lipache is the lipped version of the Alpaca Apache. This fusion style shisha head is inspired by Egyptian clay bowls with its inner vents for air-flow & is blended with a modern touch of phunnel bowl to preserve your shisha flavour. Alpaca Lipache is hand-made out of American clay. Buy hookah bowl Lipache by Alpaca bowl hookah company here at Canada's best shisha shop. Get the best hookah clay bowl prices & check out the rest of our Alpaca Hookah Bowls on our online shop.

    Lipache Shisha Bowl Dimensions & Features

    • Height: 4 Inches
    • Diameter: 3.25 Inches
    • Volume: Holds 15g - 25g of shisha tobacco
    • Kaloud Lotus compatible
    • USA handmade product

    Lipache Hookah Bowl Preview

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