Hookah Heat Management Devices & Accessories

Heat management systems and accessories for your hookah pipe! Heat management devices allow you to maintain consistent heat for your hookah sessions. By replacing foil with a heat management system, you'll be capable of preventing your hookah bowl from burning and scorching.

Hookah HMD

Heat management devices provide longer burn time for your hookah coals since they tend to restrict airflow and slow down the process of coals from burning down to a smaller size. With a heat management system or device, you will be able to enjoy cleaner and smoother shisha smoke sessions since you will no longer have to worry about directly scorching your shisha tobacco or molasses. HMD's also prevent charcoal or coal ash from contaminating your shisha. Using an HMD will keep your coals in a sturdy and safe restricted space. No more worries for dropping your coals and burning your carpet! Replacing foil with an HMD will save you cash in the long run as you will no longer need to spend on a roll of foil. You will be using less charcoal also as each smoke session with a heat management system can last you from 1.5- 2 hours of burn time per coal.

Best Hookah Heat Management

Oxide Hookah offers the best hookah heat management systems (HMD's) from the most reputable brands in the world. Choose from HMD products that are food safe and designed out of materials that will minimize the health risks associated with smoking hookah. Some brands we carry are Kaloud, Oduman, AppleOnTop (AOT) and Phoenix HMD

Choose from a variety of hookah heat management systems for your hookah and enjoy longer, better & cleaner shisha sessions.

Hookah HMD Tutorial

Using a hookah HMD is fairly simple. These hookah smoke enhancers are designed to prevent ash from contaminating your shisha bowl. Learn how to use a hookah heat management device by reading our tutorial on How To Use a Hookah Heat Management System.

Heat Management Systems For Hookahs (6)

Kaloud Lotus I+

$94.99 CAD$104.99 CAD

Phoenix HMD - Hookah Heat Manager

$89.99 CAD$99.99 CAD

Apple On Top Provost Heat Management System

$39.99 CAD$49.99 CAD

Oduman Ignis Heat Management System

$39.99 CAD$64.99 CAD

Flavor Saver

$8.99 CAD$13.99 CAD

Kaloud Lotus 2 Hookah Heat Management System

$109.95 CAD$129.95 CAD