Hookah Coals in Shisha Lounge Cases

Shop for the best hookah coals at an affordable price. Oxide Hookah now offers natural hookah charcoal in 10 KG boxes. Theses cases of coconut coals are packaged & sold at a reasonable hookah price for shisha lounges & for those that tend to smoke hookah a lot. If you are noticing that 1 KG coal boxes aren't lasting you more than a week, it may be time to upgrade your hookah game & save money on a hookah lounge box. Get your bulk hookah coals here.

Premium Hookah Coals

Do not just use any natural hookah coal brand! Enhance your shisha sessions with the leading premium hookah charcoal on the market! Choose from top hookah suppliers & coconut coal brands like Titanium coconut coals by Hookah John & Cocourth charcoal. Avoid spending your hard earned dollars on products that claim to be natural & organic hookah charcoal but in sense are filled with harmful particles & unknown filler. Browse our collection of shisha charcoal hookah lounge boxes.

How to Light Natural Hookah Coals

Lighting natural hookah charcoal is actually a lot more simpler than what people make it seem. To get your organic shisha charcoal completely lit, you require a constant energy source such as a burner or stove to get them fully ignited. Learn more by checking out our post on how to light natural hookah coals.

Hookah Charcoal Lounge Boxes (4)

CocoUrth Cube Coconut Charcoal Lounge Box 10KG

$144.95 CAD$179.99 CAD

Titanium Cube Coals - 10 KG Lounge Box

$129.99 CAD$199.99 CAD

CocoUrth Flat Coconut Charcoal Lounge Box 10KG

$139.99 CAD$179.99 CAD

Titanium Flats Coals - 10 KG Lounge Box

$129.99 CAD$199.99 CAD