Alpaca Rook Bowl

$42.99 CAD
$42.99 CAD

Alpaca Rook Hookah Bowl

The Alpaca Rook Bowl by Alpaca Bowl Company is now available at Oxide Hookah Canada! The Rook hookah bowl is a phunnel style shisha head designed to allow the perfect airflow. Similar to its brother, the Alpaca Apache Bowl, Alpaca Rook is known for its capability of prolonging a shisha smoke session and regulates heat to prevent shisha tobacco from scorching. These hookah bowls are shaped & designed to fit heat management systems. Alpaca Bowl Company designs each and every single one of its hookah bowls by hand using American clay.

Rook Bowl

Why is it called the rook bowl you say? Well if you must ask, the Rook Bowl was designed to resemble a game piece from the classical board game chess. The Alpaca Rook bowl has an inner spire with four cut notches resembling the crown of a rook piece. This 4-way chamber notched feature in its phunnel spire allows for more air flow to travel throughout the entirety of the bowl so that you get the perfect smoke session each & every single time. 

Alpaca OG Rook Bowl Dimensions & Features

  • Height: 4 Inches Tall
  • Diameter: 3 Inches wide
  • Volume: 15g - 25g of Shisha Flavour
  • 4-way Airflow Chamber
  • USA Made

Why Buy Hookah Bowl OG Rook?

We have gonna ahead & tested this hookah bowl & the verdict is in! We highly recommend this hookah bowl large due to its beautiful design & functionality. The 4-way chamber notches allow you to pack your shisha molasses densely around the spire and will prevent any restriction. This provides you with smooth smoke sessions each & every single time. The OG Rook Bowl will fit any male hookah bowl stem. Syrian hookahs with female ports will require a hookah bowl adaptor.

Differences Between Alpaca Rook & Alpaca LeRook

The Alpaca LeRook is the lipped version of the Alpaca Rook bowl. This lip feature allows you to use any hookah heat management system such as the Kaloud Lotus 2. The OG Rook bowl is also compatible with Hookah HMD's but is also well-suited for those who tend to smoke hookah using foil.

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