Welcome to our selection of hookah accessories. This section of our hookah store is where you want to be if you are looking to upgrade or replace a hookah bowl for your shisha smoking sessions. If you've broken your hookah base or simply want to customize your hookah set configuration, we have a variety of different colors, shapes & sizes to ensure your glass accessory suits your needs.

Oxide Hookah also carries a large selection of hookah hoses that are designed to universally fit almost any hookah pipe style whether it be a modern hookah or traditional hookah. Choosing the proper hookah accessory can ultimately enhance your hookah shisha sessions for a better experience. Each hookah smoker has a unique way of smoking shisha with a certain type of hookah. We ensure that a majority of tools and supplies have proper fitment per each individuals needs.

Bulk hookah supplies like hookah coals are also available on our shop to ensure you enjoy high quality hookah tobacco smoking sessions without having to refuel often.

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Hookah Accessories, Replacement Parts & Supplies (4)

Aluminum Dream Hookah Hose (D Hose)

$39.99 CAD$44.99 CAD

AOT Carbon 1 Hose

$59.95 CAD$84.99 CAD

Knurl Hookah Hose

$99.99 CAD

Tymber Hookah Hose - Natural Maple Wood

$89.99 CAD$104.99 CAD