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    Kaloud Lotus 2 Heat Management System

    Introducing the newest Kaloud Lotus hookah heat management device by Kaloud Inc! The new Kaloud Lotus 2 heat management system is the latest and greatest shisha HMD. Kaloud Inc is an innovative company in the hookah industry based out of California and was the originator of the first heat management system for the hookah bowl, the Kaloud Lotus. The new Kaloud Lotus 2 is an advancement on the previous versions (Lotus i+) of lotus bowl hookah system. The new dome shaped design of Lotus ii is a first of its kind designed to provide you with smooth thick clouds of smoke. This hookah enhancement device is compatible with many hookah bowls including the Kaloud Samsaris & the Kaloud Samsaris Vitria ii bowl. Kaloud Lotus II has since received a 5 star rating since released.

    Kaloud Lotus 2 Compatibility

    The Kaloud lotus 2 is compatible with the following hookah accessories.

    • Lipped Hookah Bowls - Clay
    • Coconut Hookah Coals (Cube coals, Flats Charcoal, etc)
    • Kaloud Samsaris Vitira ii Bowl

    Kaloud Lotus II Preview 

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