Narbish Washable Hookah Hose
The Narbish Hookah Hose The Narbish is a traditional washable hookah hose manufactured in Egypt. Measures about 75" long & features a removable mouth piece to give you the option of switching it out for brass or glass tips. Comes in...
$39.95 CAD
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NarBEAST Washable Hookah Hose
NarBEAST Washable Hookah Hose The newest addition the the HJ hookah hose line-up, the NarBEAST washable hookah hose! With the success of its predecessor, the Narbish Hose, this new traditional model is even better! The NarBEAST hookah hose is now...
$39.99 CAD
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Khalil Mamoon Rainbow Hose
Genuine Khalil Mamoon Rainbow Hookah Hose The Khalil Mamoon Rainbow hose is the original hose that comes with a KM Hookah! Built to last for those nice long sessions. The length of this hose is roughly 65 inches long with...
$29.95 CAD
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