Alien Hookah Bowl

$32.99 CAD
$32.99 CAD $39.99 CAD

Introducing the all-new Alien Hookah Bowl, a revolutionary addition to your shisha setup that's here to redefine your smoking experience. Born from a legacy of excellence dating back to 2010, the Alien Phunnel Bowl has continuously evolved to deliver unmatched quality and functionality. Now, it's been enhanced with a game-changing feature that sets it apart from the rest - compatibility with the Kaloud Lotus and other Heat Management Devices (HMDs).

Unveiling the Future of Shisha Enjoyment

Step into the future of hookah enjoyment with the 2022 version Alien Bowl. From the pioneers of the original hookah piece, HJ and fiends are and are at the forefront of innovation in the hookah industry. The companies commitment to excellence has led it to create a bowl that not only preserves the flavor of your shisha but also caters to the modern hookah enthusiast's needs.

Embrace the Alien Shisha Saver

Say goodbye to wasted shisha and uneven heating. The Hookah John Alien is the ultimate shisha saver, designed to maximize your shisha's flavor profile while ensuring even heat distribution. Our years of experience and dedication to perfection have culminated in a bowl that not only fits perfectly into your hookah session but also elevates it to a new level of satisfaction.

Your Hookah, Your Way

We understand that every hookah enthusiast has unique preferences. That's why the Alien Hookah Bowl offers versatility like no other. Whether you're using traditional methods or prefer the efficiency of Heat Management Devices like the Kaloud Lotus, our bowl accommodates your style flawlessly.

Unlock the Experience

Curious to witness this head in action? Watch the companies detailed video on youtube to get an up-close view of its innovative design and how it seamlessly integrates with the Kaloud Lotus and other HMDs. The future of hookah bowls is here, and it's ready to transform the way you enjoy your shisha sessions.

Elevate your hookah experience with the latest bowl model. Join the ranks of enthusiasts who demand the best and embrace the evolution of shisha enjoyment. Get ready to save your shisha, enhance your flavors, and embrace the future of hookah bowls with the Alien 2022"