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    Hoob Apex Complete Hookah Set

    Manufactured in Russia, and built with precision. The Apex C is a new Hoob Hookah in the Classic Lineup. Produced with the highest grade of anodized aluminum the Apex C is appealing to the eye and functions to the maximum of its abilities! The Apex C has a wide draw chamber to help produce those thick clouds. Included with the Apex is a waved aluminum handle silicone hose, tray, carved glass base & led lights to set the mood! 


    Hoob Apex C Specifications

    Anodized Aluminum hookah stem with stainless steel downstem pipe and glass base.
    • Grommet Stem-to-Base Connection
    • Height: 72cm;
    • Downstem: Ø13mm
    • Hose Connectors: Ø10мм
    • Purge Valve
    • Stainless Steel Charcoal Tray
    • Diffusor

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