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Hookah Online, Hookah Tools & Shisha Coals (11)

Hookah Stem Cleaning Brush

$5.99 CAD$12.99 CAD

Regal Prince Hookah Stem

$299.99 CAD$379.99 CAD

SAOCCA Hookah (Stem & Tray)

$399.95 CAD

Zahrah Spade Junior Hookah Stem

$149.95 CAD

Magdy Zidan Stainless Classic

$69.99 CAD$109.99 CAD

Magdy Zidan Oxidized Trimetal

$79.99 CAD$129.99 CAD

Khalil Mamoon Double Kamanja Gold Stem

$139.99 CAD

Khalil Mamoon Ceramica Oxidized Stem

$104.95 CAD

Khalil Mamoon Kafe Oxidized Stem

$79.99 CAD$104.95 CAD