Why Your Hose Matters

Learn Why Your Hookah Hose Matters For Your Shisha Sessions

It's commonly brushed off when those are encouraged to make an upgrade for their hookah, when little do they know that these upgrades make a huge difference. In saying difference I am not just talking about quality of your sessions but also the health factor that is commonly forgotten. Sure, we know smoking isn't healthy but why make it even more unhealthy when you can save yourself from unnecessary harm. Today we are going to discuss why it is important to upgrade your hookah hose after a certain amount of use.

In most cases when you purchase a hookah it comes with a standard hose. Take for instance the Khalil Mamoon brand where you receive a non washable hose to use for your day to day sessions. For starters this hose is great but after a while you'll start to notice a difference in your sessions and these differences aren't for the better. You may discover for yourself these unpleasant experiences but we are going to go deeper into what happens with your standard hose after use. 

Your traditional hookah is commonly manufactured in Egypt or Turkey where hookah is basically part of the culture. You'll notice there isn't a variety of flavours for hookah sessions in these regions & for the most part they use the same hose for a certain flavour. Acknowledging the fact that hookah is commonly used on a daily basis we now understand its fairly easy to run to the supermarket nearby and grab a new hookah hose for a low cost when required. We can also say that since these hoses are being used for commonly one flavour, we acknowledge the fact that these hoses aren't being rinsed and are probably going to be thrown out after a certain amount of use. There is a reason for that.

Your standard hookah hose is mainly manufactured with two types of materials for the hose itself. Coil is placed into fabric and mouth tips are added on for your pleasing so that you may inhale that satisfying flavoured smoke. Remember, we mentioned that coil is being used when manufactured. When your constantly using a hose over a period of time, the coil tends to break down from the smoke itself and if you happen to rinse your hose your doing worse damage. You are now at risk of inhaling metal particles. It is found that those you do not change or upgrade their standard hookah hose will eventually start to notice particles when smoking. This is where we come to our conclusion that upgrading your hose is simply a necessary step to take care of your hookah and your health. 

Today there's a new type of hose that smokers are using and its for the better part of maintaining a pleasant hookah session & saving yourself from inhaling metal particles. Silicone is essentially the new standard.....specifically medical grade hoses. With silicone you are able to use your hose for many different types of branded shisha & flavours. Just simply rinse your silicone hose out with water and voila' your good to go. You now know that your hose is clean and you are not inhaling anything your system is going to reject. You will also realize how pleasant your sessions are and how you can actually taste the flavour that you are smoking! We highly recommend maintaining your hookah hose and switching out over a period of time just to keep things running smoothly.

We tend to have what you need on our site & being the high standard of a hookah vendor, we acknowledge how important your health is & how you want those sessions to always be flavourful & smooth. You can find our collection of hoses in the link below. We hope this blog post helps you understand on why your hookah hose matter!

Upgrade your Hookah Hose

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