3 Reasons Titanium Hookah Coals Are The Best Shisha Charcoal

3 Reasons Titanium Hookah Coals Are The Best Shisha Charcoal

3 Reasons Titanium Hookah Coals Are The Best Shisha Charcoal

Coals, Coals, Coals! So many to choose from in the hookah industry. You got quick light hookah coals, silver tab hookah coals, natural coconut charcoal, wooden bamboo shisha coals and thats just the start of it. Today we are going to discuss the leading hookah coal which happens to be...well you guessed it based on the title of this post. Titanium hookah coals are one of the best hookah charcoals worldwide. Titanium coconut coals were first introduced by our fellow partner, John N. over at HookahJohn. With a demanding hookah market looking for an alternative to quick light hookah coals (which are awful by the way), John introduced the Titanium brand which are 100% natural compressed coconut charcoal. Titanium charcoal are best known due to multiple factors and are praised by hookah enthusiast on a consistent scale. Today we will go through some of the reasons why many choose this hookah coal over others and why they are beneficial for your shisha sessions. 


1 - Size Consistency of Titanium Hookah Coals

With so many brands claiming to be the most consistent size shisha coal on the market, the truth is there are only a handful of them out there. With Titanium coconut hookah coals being one of the best charcoal charcoal brands for shisha on the market, size does matter (pun intended). When smoking your shisha sessions Titanium charcoals are a reliable natural coal brand to always have consistent sizing whether you are choosing the titanium flats, cube coals or cubettes. During the process of producing natural hookah coals, there are a couple of procedures that one must complete to ensure the consistency in size. Labourers producing the charcoal are required to chop up the compressed charcoal paste before its dries and hardens. These producers must ensure an even cut so that the packaging supplied for the charcoal fits the 1 kilo of shisha coals. To our conclusion, Titanium coals check that off with flying colours as they are even in cut and are consistent in cut quality.


2 - Longevity Of Titanium Hookah Coals

Most charcoals usually only last from 15- 30 minutes. If you use quick light coals, you are lucky enough to reach 15 minutes. With Titanium natural hookah coals, the minimum burn time for one piece will last up to 45 minutes. Based on the size of titanium coal size you choose, this will vary. Also depending on how you are using your coal (HMD or foil) time will vary on longevity but we have found that if you are using a heat management system for your session they tend to elongate in burn time due to air restriction so your smallest Titanium charcoal would last you for up to 1hr 15min rather than 15 minutes using foil. Below are our tested times for using titaniums with just foil.


3 - Quality, Organic & Safe Ingredients For Titanium Charcoal


When smoking shisha, it is already a vice or habit, so why harm yourself by using unsafe hookahs and hookah accessories to do more damage. Titanium hookah charcoals are organic coal made of safe ingredients to ensure a pleasurable and safe session. Compared to other shisha coals on the market, Titanium natural charcoal do not give off a bad or harsh scent, they do not spark all over the place and lastly they do not break apart midway during your hookah smoke session. Quick light coals tend to give off a disgusting aroma when being lit that you may inhale throughout your sessions. This aroma contains a high concentration of carbon which could lead to C02 poisoning leaving you light headed or even causing you to faint. Quick lights also tend to spark everywhere which causes burns on your carpet etc. Point being, titanium natural coals are at the top for quality consistency when it comes to safety. Don't inhale unsafe toxins when you don't need to. 



So there you have it. The reasons why we choose Titanium charcoals over other hookah coals on the market are due to longevity, quality control and safety. We hope you enjoyed our post on Titanium Hookah Charcoals. Please leave a comment below with your thoughts or questions! Shop for Titanium Hookah Coals Canada at Oxide Hookah.


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