Why It’s Important To Smoke In a Ventilated Area

Why It’s Important To Smoke In a Ventilated Area

Reasons To Why it’s Important To Smoke In a Ventilated Area

Hookah is considered a great past time to socialize with your family and friends but that doesn’t take away that it’s still smoking. Sure it might not be as harmful as a cigarette due to the fact that your not necessarily combusting tobacco itself but rather baking it if we shall say. Or we can also conclude that Shisha doesn’t have all the extra additives that a cigarette contains but what both have in common is it’s still smoke and smoke create C02 in other words carbon monoxide. 

Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas and can cause  bodily harm when inhaling. Have you ever been to a hookah lounge and seen someone faint or get dizzy? That’s probably because they inhaled to much carbon monoxide which resulted them with C02 poisoning. Usually lounges are inspected for the proper air exchange systems to prevent these cases from occurring but in some cases the system in place just isn’t good enough and causes these incidents to happen.

When smoking indoors you always want to make sure you have enough air flow to ensure your body is receiving the right amount of oxygen to overcome C02 levels. Always open a couple of windows to allow new air to refresh your rooms with clean and fresh oxygen. Better yet if you can avoid smoking indoors, go outside and enjoy your hookah with clean air all around. 

Another tip to avoid C02 poisoning is to ignite your charcoals outdoors. Although natural charcoal are a cleaner option for smoke sessions, they still give off a bit of C02 when being lit. The particles contained in charcoal can be harmful if they are not burned off properly so you should make sure they are fully lit. If you do not have the option of lighting your coals outdoor then ensure to light them near an open window or a space that is fully ventilated.

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