Why Coconut Hookah Coals Are Important For Your Shisha Sessions

Coconut Hookah Coals - The Right Way To Smoke Hookah

In the last few years, the hookah industry has drastically changed the way we smoke shisha today. In this post we will be discussing why coconut hookah coals are important for your shisha sessions. As you may already know, hookah coals play a major role in the quality of your shisha sessions. The coals you use for your hookah can affect the longevity and durations of a smoke session and can also impact the smoke quality produced when heating your hookah bowl. The type of hookah coals you use can also affect the health of yourself and others around you during a session as well. Its important to understand the factors of using the right coal so lets dive in to the many reason why using coconut hookah coals are the right way to smoke hookah.


Longevity of Smoke Sessions With Coconut Hookah Coals

If you are and individual like myself who tends to smoke hookah on a daily basis, you will definitely understand how frustrating it might get when your hookah coals won't last for more than 15 minutes throughout a hookah session. It is such a pain to keep lighting those quick light hookah coals especially when you just lit them. Why should you have to keep adding coals to your session every few minutes when the whole point of smoking a hookah is to relax? Behold the solution! Coconut hookah coals tend to last about 4X longer than your average quick light hookah charcoal due to the way they are processed. When coconut coals are manufactured, they are processed from organic natural resources and made into a past before hardening. During the process in which the paste is still soft matter, the charcoals are compressed to create more volume density. This compression method is the main reason as to why coconut hookah coals will burn for a longer period of time and will also ash less throughout your session. Burn time for the highest quality coconut charcoal is roughly 1.5 hours which is a drastic comparison to quick light coals. 


Health Benefits Using Coconut Hookah Charcoal

Using coconut hookah coals also benefit towards your health. If your new to the "hookah game" and are still using quick light hookah coals, then stop using them immediately! Why the bold statement you ask? Simply because its not a safe product to use. Smoking in the first place isn't healthy, so why would you furthermore add an additional risk factor when you are trying to enjoy this hobby? If you've noticed how simple it is to light up a quick-light hookah coal, then you should also understand and ask yourself why its so efficient. Quick-light coals are produced of many additives and unsafe materials in order to light up so quickly. If you have ever tried to start up a fire using gasoline your nearly imitating the same concept by lighting a quick light hookah coal. Quick-lights contain benzene which  is very harmful to your health and also to those who may be around you when you are firing. Benzene is very flammable which in the case explains the reasons as to why quick light hookah coals are easily inflamed. Benzene also releases harmful fumes and carbon monoxide.

To get to our point, coconut hookah coals are simply much more of a health beneficial product. They contain no extra additives and are solely produced of organic matter from compressed coconut shell. Sure, they take a little longer to light up on the stove but whats the rush? Wouldn't you rather smoke hookah knowing that you are at very least preventing yourself from carbon monoxide poisoning? Coconut hookah charcoal should be a top priority product for your shisha sessions.


Higher Quality Smoke When Using Coconut Hookah Coals

If you are still using quick light coals, then you are probably experiencing that horrid toxic flavour when inhaling smoke from your hookah. Half the time, you are probably tasting more charcoal than the actual flavour you have packed in your hookah bowl. As mentioned above, quick light hookah charcoals contain many additives which not only play a role on harming your health but at the same time affecting the quality of your hookah sessions by releasing these particles into your bowl. Note that quick light coals also burn at a higher temperature than coconut hookah coals, leading to a scorched top layer in your bowl within minutes of your session and preventing the bottom layers of your shisha from being using resulting in wasted product. On the other hand coconut coals burn at a lower temperature, just enough to maintain your hookah sessions at a perfect heat level. Due to the organic matter in coconut hookah charcoal, you will also notice a huge difference in flavour as coconut coals do not release harmful toxins or additives to your sessions, hence providing you with natural full bodied flavourful smoke. 


Conclusion: So there you have it folks. Coconut coals are important for your shisha sessions due to health factors, quality smoke production and longevity of your hookah session. We hope you enjoyed this quick read on why coconut coals should be your first choice when choosing hookah charcoal and what the benefits are to using natural hookah charcoal. 

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