Where To Find The Best Hookah Selection in Canada

Find The Best Hookah Selection Available in Canada

Are you located in Canada and wondering where you can find the best hookah selection? Sure your local store probably sells hookahs but are they actually the product that you are looking for? Does the quality of their product seem to be cheap or flimsy? Well the hookah industry can be a strange place as it is still in its early stages of development. Most of the products you find at a local grocery store or smoke shop are most commonly knock off products of actual manufacturers who have put a hard effort in developing the actual hookah or accessory. Due to the fact that Canada is still in its developing stages in establishing a legitimate hookah industry, there aren't any manufacturers building these products here leading to the lack of patents required to secure and protect legitimate products. Commonly hookahs, bowls and hoses you find in Canada are mostly imports from countries around the world whether its a genuine and authentic product or whether its a knock off. So where do you go from here? Well thats where Oxide Hookah comes in! 

Since 2014, Oxide Hookah has been working hard for Canadians in order to provide them with quality and genuine products. We have had the opportunity to travel to multiple locations world-wide meeting with our partners to establish relationships and to also view, test and purchase the products you see on our website! Importing these products is not an easy task as there is no immediate solution in being able to physically view or test the products on our site so we have the pleasure in travelling to actually understand what we are dealing with. 

While travelling and building these relationships with our manufacturers, another obstacle we endure is importing these amazing products. Most of the hookahs and accessories you see are built overseas and have a long way to make it to Calgary resulting in some mishaps. Here is where we have to ensure that your products are fully functional and in excellent shape before being sent for your pleasure. Quality control is a huge importance to the staff at Oxide Hookah to ensure a high customer satisfaction as well as a top rating for our performance in serving you. 

So folks, the answer to your question on where you can find the best selection of hookah products in Canada is in fact here! Oxide Hookah's main vision is to establish the hookah industry within Canada by providing only the best of products to our consumers. Items that we sell are 100% authentic and direct from the manufacturer and will also last you longer than any of the knock off products in the Canadian market. We also have a customer satisfaction guarantee to ensure that you are indeed happy with the product you receive. We are here to help by providing you with all of the knowledge required when purchasing your hookahs and accessories from us so keep updated on our latest posts to learn more on new shisha products, industry news, reviews and more! We hope this post has provided you with the knowledge on where to find the best hookah selection in Canada. 

Looking to learn more about hookahs and accessories that we sell? Check out our Hookah Blog to view the latest on the hookah industry!

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