Where to Buy a Hookah Online?

How To Choose Where to Buy a Hookah Online

There are many different vendors out in the market but what really makes each one stand out? When you are looking to purchase a hookah, hookah hose or hookah parts, you want to consider which vendor or hookah company has the best reputation with customer service and quality control. Sure, you may come across a deal online but is the shisha company a reputable source for taking care of the consumer? When considering your options you'll also want to consider your location and what fees are associated with purchasing from an online hookah vendor. For instance, if you are in Canada and looking to purchase a hookah overseas or even from it neighbouring country, the USA, are you actually paying the price advertised? Let us look at some key factors of what to look for when buying a hookah from an online vendor. 

What Does The Hookah Cost?

When purchasing overseas theres always a conversion rate fee you must pay with your credit card provider no matter who your bank is. These fees could be around 2% or more depending on which card you hold and what your bank charges you up front when processing an international transaction. Another factor is indeed the currency itself. Let us look at the current exchange rate for 1 USD in comparison to the Canadian Dollar which is currently at $1.28. If you are to buy hookah online for $100 USD you will end up paying $128 dollars Canadian alone with out all the other fees associated with your order. That brings us to the shipping costs on your order which definitely will bring your costs up. Purchasing a hookah in the USA and having it delivered to your local address in Canada is between $50 USD to $75 USD minimum based on weight and dimensions. As a consumer I'm now way out of my range from what the item originally cost hence purchasing a hookah from an overseas vendor would end up breaking the bank. The last thing to consider is all the import fees you may have to pay when your delivery arrives. Smoking products generally run a 12% customs tax plus your provincial tax whatever that may be. Your better of focusing on your country's vendor and avoiding all of these extra fees. 

How Good Is The Customer Service When Buying Hookah Online?

When purchasing from an online hookah vendor, you want to definitely do your research on who you are purchasing from. You want to ask yourself the following questions: Are they a highly rated hookah company? Do they do returns and exchanges? What are other people saying about this vendor? Do they have a social online presence? Are they carrying authentic hookah products? All of these factors take play on when you are purchasing from any retailer online. Do you really want to purchase a product online without any support if needed? Take into consideration on how the hookah vendor treats its customers when there are any questions related to the products your purchasing. 

Is The Hookah Pipe A Genuine Product?

The hookah market is saturated with many different online retailers carrying several products but are they all carrying authentic products? It is so easy these days to go to China and copy someone else's product to make a quick buck hence why you should seek if the hookah vendor is carrying the authentic product. Many vendors don't necessarily care for what the consumer is using to smoke their hookah and what materials are being used to manufacture the product. This could end up hurting the consumer in the long run while the retailer is benefiting by stacking their coin without the care of the customers health. Authenticity is a huge part you should consider when purchasing a hookah because smoking alone isn't healthy in the first place so why throw yourself in harms way with the unknown. Choose your vendor wisely and understand who they are collaborating with and how they get their product. 

Are The Hookah Products Quality Controlled?

So you've come across two different vendors with the same product but one is a little less in price than the other. What do you do? Well to start off there could be multiple reasons why the price may vary such as import fees, whether your vendor is paying taxes to the government, quantity of products purchased etc but generally speaking its a matter of quality control. When products are being imported from one country to another a lot can happen. Stems get damaged, glass breaks, hoses snap and a whole bunch of other unnecessary events occur...but we won't get into all the details. You want to ensure your products that you order get delivered in the top notch shape you expect it be. Not all vendors physically inspect each hookah or accessory to ensure that your product is in 100% condition. This is why you will see some prices vary as the time and effort may not be all there especially when the price seems to good to be true. Go with your gut on what you think is reliable. 

And there you have it folks! We hope you enjoyed reading this post and take the following factors into consideration when purchasing your next hookah! If your looking on where to buy a hookah online then check out Oxide Hookah for all your hookah needs!

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