What To Know When Choosing Your Hookah Charcoal

What To Know When Choosing Your Hookah Charcoal

Things To Know when Selecting Hookah Coals

At Oxide Hookah, we make sure our products are safe for our consumers. One of the major concerns you should have when smoking hookah is which charcoal you are using. Your probably thinking It doesn't really matter as long as it heats up my hookah bowl. Well your wrong! Sure you definitely need to heat up your shisha in order to produce smoke but what you should ask yourself is once you get that smoke going, is it really safe?

Why Quick-Light Coals Are Harmful

Well I must assure you those quick lights you are using aren't your best option. Quick lights are definitely handy when your travelling or when you just want to smoke and in a rush but note there are huge health risks when using quick-lights. The truth is they carry a lot of chemicals and release a lot of carbon monoxide which is very harmful to the human body and will cause an increase health risks. Have you ever been to a hookah bar and seen someone faint in front of you? Its probably because there wasn't enough ventilation in the hookah bar and the C02 levels overcame the clean air we are naturally used to breathing. In many cases these charcoals cause you to either get very light headed, a soar throat, faint etc. I personally have stopped using these quick lights due to the side affects I experienced. Another factor is it just ruins the natural flavours of your shisha sessions. If you do decide to continue using quick lights try finding a brand that uses natural coconut shell and very little chemical content.

So Which Hookah Coal Should I Use?

After experiencing all these different side affects and negative sessions I realized I had to switch to an alternative. So i decided to switch to natural charcoals. Natural charcoals are known to be made from compressed coconut shell which sounds pretty organic. Natural hookah coals are healthier in a sense as they release less carbon monoxide and do not contain any additives or benzene unlike quick lights. They take a while to light, about 3-5 min, but the end result is a clean and fresh session and a long lasting coal. Now when I first started using natural charcoals I chose the CoCo Nara brand. CoCo Nara has been a round for quite a while now but recently changed its manufacturer. When this change occurred suppliers, distributors and wholesalers suddenly started producing fake product and labelling them CoCo Nara using the same boxes etc. Regardless the quality started to decline and here I was again facing another dilemma . So what i decided to do was to switch to the new charcoal brands such as Titaniums and CocoUrths. These charcoal's are actually natural and organic produced coal! Most charcoal natural or not use different types of wood and fillers to help their charcoal burn which is the result in white ash. Titaniums and Cocourths do not use any fillers and are completely made of coconut shell and ash brown due to the natural content within the final product. This is how you can tell the difference between a 100% natural charcoal and a coal that uses filler. Either way using any brand of coconut charcoal is still better health-wise rather then those nasty chemically filled quick lights in my opinion. Quality wise try our the natural hookah coals just to see the results for yourself! 

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